14 Ways to Use a Notebook

stack notebooksI collect notebooks like it’s my job, and I have them in all different shapes and sizes. I use them mostly for writing poetry, but there are tons of other amazing uses for notebooks. Even if you don’t enjoy writing, notebooks can still be useful and fun. You can use separate notebooks for different purposes, or you can use one for all your notebook needs.

Here are 14 ways to use a notebook. Some are no-brainers, and others are a bit unconventional.

  1. Creative writing. Notebooks are excellent places to let your creative juices flow. Fill them with poetry, prose and other creative works. Develop characters, story ideas and plots.
  2. A complete mess. For all your scribbles, scratches, splotches and spills. This one is not going to be pretty. Use a notebook for all of your messy handwritten reminders, math problems, mental breakdowns and notes to self. You name it. Please, please, please don’t be afraid to get messy.
  3. Hone your craft. Are you a designer? Create sketches of your fashion, architectural or graphic designs. Are you a writer? Plan out news or feature stories, magazine layouts and story lines. Make your planning as detailed or as messy as you please. No matter what your craft, a notebook will make it a lot easier to put your ideas into action.
  4. Found objects and exploration. If you find something that inspires you, tape or glue it into a notebook. It can be anything, from a piece of trash to a scrap of fabric to an interesting trinket. Get out and explore. If you seek out interesting things and really look around you, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Journal. This one is a no-brainer. Write about your day, and try to keep up and write on a daily basis or as often as you would like.
  6. Discoveries, big and small. If you hear an interesting fact you didn’t know, jot it down. If you notice something walking or driving around that you never noticed before, write about it. We are constantly learning and the world around us is constantly changing, so it’s useful to keep a documentation of growth and change.
  7. Books to read, movies and shows to watch, music to listen to. I feel like I always have a never-ending list of things I need to read, watch and listen to, and I think most people can relate. The next time someone makes a recommendation, write it down so it won’t slip your mind. notebooks 2 (2)
  8. Prompts. Look up writing prompts online or come up with them yourself. Jot them down so you can remember to come back to them later. Leave plenty of space to write stories, poems and other works inspired by the prompts.
  9. Uplifting things. Write about the little things that make you smile, and write about what you’re thankful for. This is a great way to foster contentment and positivity.
  10. Lists. Write about your top 10 favorite movies, TV shows, books, Broadway musicals, songs, musicians, smells, articles of clothing and colors. Write to-do lists and grocery lists. The possibilities are endless.
  11. Ideas and inspiration. No matter how big or small, your ideas deserve to be recorded. Write them down and expand them over time. Write about a person, place or thing that inspires you. Jot down quotes that motivate and inspire you. Write about other people’s work that inspires you to do your own.
  12. Planning. Write down your plans for the day, week, month and year. Set goals and do something each day to bring you closer to that goal. If you’d like, create a bullet journal.
  13. Nature journal. Write about the trees, the ocean, mountains, plants, rocks, sky and insects around you. Create sketches and write descriptions. Notice the beauty and wonder both right outside your front door and when you travel. You can even press and dry plants and leaves and tape them onto the pages.
  14. Travel journal. Write about all the amazing places you’ve seen and visited and all the food, sights and wonders you experienced there.

4 thoughts on “14 Ways to Use a Notebook”

  1. I love this!! As a photographer, I have a notebook to jot down ideas that I want to try later. If I don’t write things down, I cannot remember them later!


  2. Wow. This seems like a great start to a blog. Among so many blogs that are started every day, it’s great to come across a blogger with this much creativity and vibrancy in their first posts. Thanks for sharing this! I found your blog because you commented on The Daily Post’s First Friday, by the way. Best of luck to you in all of your writing endeavors!


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