My name is Olivia Mohr. I am an aspiring writer studying journalism and English.

Curiosity Garden¬†doesn’t focus on a specific topic or theme. It’s a mishmash of my thoughts and findings about life and the people, places and things around me.

I am young and this is my first real experience blogging, but I guarantee I will put as much effort into each and every single one of my blog posts as I can.

If I post journalistic content, it will be thoroughly researched. I will follow ethical guidelines when I produce journalistic content.

If I post poetry or prose, it will be my own. All illustrations and photos are my own.

I will never post anyone else’s work without reference.

Most of my blog posts will consist of lists, uplifting words, and things I find interesting.

Please leave comments with your thoughts, questions and feedback. I would love to hear from you. Please share my posts on social media and spread the word about Curiosity Garden if my content speaks to you.

The goal of Curiosity Garden is to encourage curiosity and awe of the world around us, and all of my blog posts will center around this goal.