Night at Bird’s-Eye View

By Olivia Mohr


It’s true the city never sleeps,

I think in the sky.

Tens of thousands of feet off the ground,

I see thousands of lights.


It’s like the sky backwards –

the stars are at my feet.

The moving cars

are shooting stars

streaking across the street.


The roads are constellations –

the street lights are aglow,

and they curve and weave

into mazes down below.


Our sky is never resting –

it is always moving and awake

and in the darkness

I see the difference

a single light can make.


This is an original poem I wrote. I wrote this last summer after I flew to Seattle, Washington from Kentucky. The lights I saw from the sky at night inspired this poem. I don’t usually write poems that rhyme, but with this one, it just happened, and I let it. 


Ars Poetica

I wait for my muse

to whisper

truth in every color

in form of stanzas


I record the words

honey-golden or corpse-gray

or somewhere bittersweet

in between


Then my pen lies

dormant, waiting

for my muse

to speak again.


This is an original poem I wrote.


Ars Poetica by definition is basically a poem about the art of poetry. The poem above is my take. Ars Poetica is a great idea to pursue if you are experiencing writer’s block, or simply if you are passionate about poetry.